Our General Store

storeIt’s more than a store, it’s an experience. The floors are the same onponchoes your grandfather might have walked on as a child; the counters the same ones over which the general store proprietor might have sold him candy or sold his father any size nail he needed. Although we no longer sell hardware, we do offer a variety of practical, yet unique products. Seasonal apparel that ranges from summer dresses, swim wraps, T-shirts, hats, and purses to warm ponchos, fleece jackets, and sweatshirts will meet your needs on those hot summer days or cool fall evenings. We  also offer locally knitted cotton sweaters as well as locally made soaps and pottery. We have a variety of jewelry – some crafted by local artisans. Our more practical gift items include quality kitchen towels and gadgets as well as an assortment of aprons, coffee mugs, and teapots. As you peruse the shelves, you will also find a variety of books by local authors and some historic books supplied by our local Historic Society. Our antique section is expanding to include some primitive items; we also offer reproductions of some primitive paintings at very reasonable prices. Although our goods come from all over, we welcome the opportunity to support locally created or locally made products, including local honey and maple syrup, and Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters bulk coffee.